What Is The Autobiographies In The Vietnam War

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The autobiographies in the first four volumes of Combat Veterans’ Stories of the Vietnam War are told by 57 Americans, Canadians, and Australians who fought in the war. Volume 4 also contains information about U.S. allies who fought in Vietnam.

This volume contains the U.S. explanation for the war, a review of Vietnam’s history and the war, and U.S. armed forces, as well as various problems during the war, including drug and racial problems, desertion, sedition, and treason. There is information about POW treatment, POWs and MIAs, the CIA and the drug trade, war crimes, PTSD, Moral Injury, and history lessons not learned. This volume also contains a brief photo view of some aspects of events, in South Vietnam, in 1968; a decisive year in the war.
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That information is also in this volume. While honorable men faced injury and death, in Vietnam and Indo China, at the behest of their countries’ leaders, Americans that objected to the war were allowed to encourage and facilitate desertion; encourage murder of officers by members of the armed forces; and engage in treasonous contacts with the enemy. Three U.S. presidents refused to enforce laws forbidding both sedition and
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