What Is The Battle Of Normandy Essay

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The Battle of Normandy
This essay will be discussing and analyzing the Battle of Normandy following a chronological order. First, we will see how the battle of Normandy was the result of a great preparation and collaborative effort where all the protagonists had key roles in the execution. We will then underline the importance of the weather and terrain and show how these factors did contribute and mold the different key phases of the battle which determined the outcome of this major Historical moment.
The Battle of Normandy was part of Operation Overlord which took place on June 6, 1944 (commonly known as D-Day), and ended on June 30, 1944. It involved over 156,000 troops crossing the English Channel from England to take control of the Nazi occupied Normandy. The invasion saw forces from Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. And later on, forces from Poland, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Greece, and the Netherlands would join the fight with the help of the air forces of Austria, Norway, and New Zealand.
Before we can even start with the different phases of the battle, it is important to consider the amount of preparation involved ahead of time: indeed, preparation for the battle actually began several
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In fact the invasion was to commence one day earlier on June 5th. But British Group Captain James Stagg believed foul weather was to hit the English Chanel that day. He and his fellow British meteorologist recommended a postponement. Knowing that the weather held the potential to be more dangerous than the Nazis, General Eisenhower agreed in the early hours of June 4 to delay D-Day by 24 hours. This last minute strategic change due to the weather did in fact, as many historians report, allowed the Forces to arrive on the coast and surprised the Germans. Timing did definitely contribute in the success of the operation and all due to the weather

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