What Is The Beatifying Impact Of Roman Architecture

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The Beatifying Impact of Ornaments in Roman Architecture & its Elimination in Neoclassicism Different historical eras have influenced the work and theories of architects. Architects who were present in critical eras in history have shaped and defined aspects of art and science. The Renaissance age, for instance, have reshaped arts such as painting, architecture, and literature. Architecture, mainly, displayed the coherent bondage between art and science. It has revived the legacy of the Roman architecture and emphasized its classical architecture. The effect of the Roman architecture or what is known as traditional architecture was adopted by neoclassical architects namely Jean-Nicolas-Louis Durand. Further, Renaissance architects have also…show more content…
However, the legacy provided by humanism cannot be dissipated because of industrialism. Renaissance and Roman architecture have displayed genius beautiful works as the result of efforts of architects who had vision of art and science combined. The exclusion of art from architecture, as reinforced by Durand, has removed the beauty and harmony elements that were present in older eras. Yet the Renaissance style places emphasis on symmetry, proportion, geometry and the regularity of parts as they are demonstrated in the architecture of classical antiquity and in particular ancient Roman architecture, of which many examples remained. Orderly arrangements of columns, pilasters and lintels, as well as the use of semicircular arches, hemispherical domes, niches and aedicule provided the beautiful attractive elements in architecture that was highly regarded in Palladio’s work yet almost very absent in Durand’s. As a result, the renaissance architecture, influenced by Palladio and Alberti, has been the result of tremendous work and effort passed on by these architects as they worked on every element of architecture in order to produce art and science rather than science alone. For instance, Villa Rotanda , Palazzo Rucellai and many other beautiful roman temples that have high regard in architecture are the result of the beauty harmonious elements and presence of the decorative art known as

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