What Is The Best And The Most Effective And Meaningful Way For Educate Students?

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For the long time since the birth of the first civilization, the education has been occupying one of the most important essences of the developed country and it always influences the country’s prosperity, however, its method and the content to educate has changed very frequently, and the argument which is “What is the best and the most effective and meaningful way to educate students?” has not been finished yet and it was named pedagogy. During reading articles about it for the class, I found that the education is made of many elements. Today I am going to classify them under three processes, learning, studying/training, and practicing. First of all, learning has the primal roles of education, such as informing and motivating. In this part, educators are supposed to concentrate on how to get student’s attention or interest it because learning works as a bridge to students and make them keep on studying. Jay Mathews reports certain approaching at History class of Cardozo high school is “the historical approach to history teaching, questioning documents and analyzing ideas as historians do.” (“Delving into”, ). Arthur H. Camins claims one of some elements which should be happened in the classroom, “Ask questions about phenomenon (causes of cancer, climate change) and define problems that need to be solved (designing cancer treatment drugs, low-impact energy generation)”(“the purpose of education”). Both of cases uses actual event. It reduces student’s friction for learning.…
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