What Is The Best Way / S Promote The Product Or Service? Essay

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§ What is the best way/s to promote the product or service? • sales promotion: • As a result the promotion is very successful; the promotion can bring a lot of customer to the market. Having updated reminders on Facebook about your salon and the current events going on within your business will actually help customers remember who you are and why they chose you in the first place. Daily posts and updates are a habit that will successfully draw new business to your Facebook pages and eventually to your salon Place: § What possible distribution channels are there for the product or service? • e-business: The House of hair joins with the famous Booker website, the Demo of Booker to offer the House of Hair customer has an experience for book the seat online, via the salon website. • Social Media– The most effective way that cost very less, referring to our research our targets have familiar with Facebook, Twister, and Instagram, so it will be easy for us to promote the shop via those social media. • TV commercial script Viedo Audio Rudy : She is on the mirror. Try to fix her hair by her self. MR. House of hair : dress in the formal black of House of hair’s host in Rudy’s house. Rudy : stunned at the mirror . What is going on with her hair. She is look glamorous in 1 minute. MR. House of hair : show the house of hair shop. Rudy: fix her hair MR said : let me help you. Rudy: What are you doing? MR. said : Here in House of Hair Salon we provide pleasure and glamour to
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