What Is The Bmw Effect Essay

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The Matthew Effect is stating that someone coming from a successful background has an advantage of gaining and receiving opportunities. Gladwell presented his main point by referring to the hockey players and those with a birthday closer to the cutoff date, had the advantage to advance because they were older and stronger. Needless to say, that success comes with a huge pinch of luck.
Gladwell did get his point across but in a chaotic manner; he bounced from different sports to education and back to his main argument, hockey. He framed a detailed concept supported with the advantage of cutoff dates. As mentioned above, Canadian hockey leagues have a cutoff date for youth teams; January 1. Favoring all the older kids with birthdays near the cutoff, perceiving them to be stronger because they physically matured first. Which leaves all the kids with
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Which means I started school on time and my last name began with ‘B’ (seat placement), so I should’ve had an advantage over my companions. However, I didn't notice any advantages because of my foreign parents. Constantly on the move and graduated HS after attending 8 different schools; it was clear to say my parents were unfamiliar with the concept of transferring school documents. My environment affected my success because of my parents' language barrier. It set me back every time I moved, having to start over from the basics (after my 5th grade F-Cat I was set to start all advanced classes in a magnet program but we randomly moved to another state, so I started from scratch). I'm highly persuaded by Gladwell's presentation on the Matthew Effect proving to show that success isn't necessarily hard work and dedication alone. It takes a bit of luck and family attributions. When I say family attributions I mean someone born into a rich/successful family, who in hand has opportunities because of who they know, not only what they
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