What Is The Bombs?

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It was a night like no other. On June 7th, 2017 there had been multiple reports of suspicious activity in a building just on the outside of Los Angeles, California. People had said they had seen hooded and masked figures moving a large object from a van into a house. There had been an officer that reported to the scene and he said that we needed to get the S.W.A.T team assembled right away. We were in the middle of a very serious situation. The terrorists had planted another bomb and this one would take out the whole city of Los Angeles.If we didn't stop the bombs from exploding, then eighteen and a half million people would never get to see the sunset again. First, my team of four and I split up into two groups of two and a single group…show more content…
We radioed over to our commander that the kid had been By the end of the sweep, we had cleared out at least 30 terrorists with only one . Finally we decide to plant the bomb defuser. There must have been some more terrorists nearby in another building because almost right after we set the defuser down, we heard a crash as they broke through the front door. We have a clear shot at the stair case, but right as we saw the top of the first person, we see a small, round object fly from downstairs and right into the middle of the room. "Grenade!" I yell and we all jump behind any object large enough to hide behind. "Boom!" I pop out of cover and all I can see is the new hole in the floor and a lot of smoke from the grenade. Out of the smoke come at least ten shadowy figures. Then flashes and bullets whizzing by my head. My first instinct is to return fire but that is a bad mistake. I take a bullet in my left bicep. I scream and collapse. This isn't the first time I have been shot but you can never get used to that. I decide that there is no time to waste and that I needed to fight through the pain. It hurt to even move my arm but I deal with it. I pop back out of cover and I see that there are only two terrorists left in the room and they are to occupied by my other teammates so I pick them off easily. Just as the silence settles in I hear a ding. The defuser is finally done and the mission is done finally. We head back outside for debrief and to go get
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