What Is The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas Essay

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We could all probably agree that the need for acceptance, love, family, identity, a voice, and friendship is very important inside a person’s life. All of those things meaning we are all human and we need the feeling of being loved/accepted or we all know what it feels like to love something or someone; the great feeling inside when you voice your own opinion and tell others the truth about how you actually feel and not have regret. Friendship… this is something that can be unbreakable between two people who love, accept, and voice their opinions to each other because they are like family. Family is technically unbreakable. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas can show a few reasons on how these are very important to the people in this world no matter who it is.
Bruno, his mother, and the Jews will all be showing a connection throughout the book because they are all just in need of a little bit of love and acceptance by someone. The need for love and acceptance can be shown by the mother and Bruno for the both have felt lonely
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Friendship can go so far because all of those things listed show a true friendship and my just make it unbreakable like it was said in the beginning. Bruno and Shmuel show an amazing friendship though they had went through one rough patch in it, it only made them stronger in the end. They had trouble with voicing that they actually were friends at first in front of Kurt, but Bruno immediately regretted it, he wished he would've admitted to the friendship and be proud of it considering that Shmuel was really the one thing he had in his life now. "I'm very sorry, Shmuel...I can't believe I didn't tell him the truth. I've never let a friend down like that before. Shmuel, I'm ashamed of myself (Boyne, 175).” Quoted by Bruno showing how upset he was that he would ever betray his friendship like that and Shmuel really does mean so much to
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