What Is The Cause Of Nero's Rise To Power

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Nero’s reign as emperor was a dark one in which he became known as possibly the worst emperor in roman history. Nero executed and persecuted many innocent people. He ignored his responsibilities as emperor as the empire began to crumble around him. Nero was an evil emperor who rose to power very quickly, had very bad relationships with his wives, and eventually allowed his passions to over rule his responsibilities as emperor.
Nero’s rise to power was a “long road full of treachery.” (T.V.) It was also full of change such as his name he was not always know as Nero his name was Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus until his dad had died and his mom married her widowed uncle, who was the emperor of the time, and they changed it to Nero Claudius Divi Claudius Filius Caesar Agustus Germanicus. Later she convinced him to name Nero heir to the throne and allow him take his daughter Octavia as his wife. His adopted brother was reaching age to take the throne but he mysteriously died, “Many suspect that Nero poisoned him.” (, 2017) So, as one can see Nero was a very shady character who would stop at nothing to seize and hold the throne.
Nero was not your traditional one-woman man; he had a string of multiple public and private affairs and even lived with another woman
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After he had his mother executed for her interference in his love life he pursued his passion for the arts. Nero began teaching and motivating people to take dance lessons and began riding chariots in the coliseum. Nero also traveled to Greece to attend the Olympic games and brought back several medals. But “ his favorite passion was singing.” (Jarvus) Even when the Circus Maximus caught fire, “ supposedly by Nero,” (T.V.) destroying three districts and damaging seven he was “ dancing on the roof.” (T.V.) So, in conclusion Nero held his passions at a higher degree than his royal
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