What Is The Cause Of Texting And Driving Essay

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Texting and driving are the leading cause of death for teenagers. There are too many social media sites that they can be on. Parents are keep buying these expensive phones for there kids and not realizing what can happen with these expensive phone. teenagers thinks that texting and driving makes them cool and that they think that they can do it so well that's when something wrong actually. happens And no one is really telling them to stop i mean people are telling them but not to a point where they will take it serious. This has to come to an end with teenagers with all this texting and driving. The social media sites that these kids have access to is ridiculous. They have twitter, snapchat and instagram and it's either one of them that a child would be on if they are on there phone. The only…show more content…
Iphones is the phone that is breaking the charts and everyone in the world wants one, but teenagers use them for the wrong reasons such as posting fights or arguing with people they don't even know. Nowadays teenagers don't even go outside anymore, they rather be on there phone on social media sites doing nothing at all. The social media site are just another way to distract kids as well, instead of doing home work they rather be in snapchat or twitter killing there brain and don’t even know it. Teenagers thinking that texting and driving make you look cool, they are absolutely wrong. Everytime you look at you phone you take your eyes of the road for approximately 3 to 5 seconds. 97% of teens say texting and driving is dangerous, yet 43% admit to doing it. 75% of teens say their friends text and drive. 77% say their parents text and drive. At any given time, approximately 1 in 5 drivers around you are reading or texting a text message. Texting and driving do not make teenagers cool it actually makes them look very
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