What Is The Cause Of The Berlin Crisis?

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As World War II was coming to fruition, the future of Germany was uncertain. During the Potsdam Conference in July of 1945, the allied countries of U.S, Soviet Union, Britain, and France divided Germany into four sectors, in hindsight; this would become the birth of the Cold War. Russians geological position would soon become a nightmare for U.S military, as the City of Berlin was located in the heart of the Soviet Unions Sector. Dividing Berlin into to East and West divisions, the U.S, Britain, and France controlled the west, and Soviets East, would prove a strategic liability for the U.S, as they had to travel miles through Soviet territory to reach Berlin. According to Nikita Khrushchev, a Soviet politician at the time, Berlin was like the…show more content…
Perhaps a note written to President Truman by Phillip Johnson best illuminates the affection many people felt regarding the U.S presence in Berlin, when he says, “The Berlin Crisis is entirely an outgrowth of your own incredible stupidity.” With some hesitation, a massive airlift was set in place, aimed to supply an entire city, a feat that had yet to be accomplished of that magnitude. This would become known as Operation Vittles, or more commonly called The Berlin Airlift. Although the Airlift would prove successful, and become a major reason the Soviets decided to lift the Berlin Blockade, many contemporaries thought the airlift would fail, for reasons such as failures in past airlift operations, the population size, hazardous weather, and the potential of exhausting U.S military…show more content…
The U.S seemed well aware of the potential the Berlin Blockade could have on the people of West Berlin, however, they seemed ill prepared. As one can see in R.H Hillenkoetter’s memorandum to President Truman, the U.S was already piecing together the “political” and “economical” effect the Blockade would have. Historian Deborah Larson, concludes that the “U.S government was stickling ill-prepared for the Soviet Blockade. While only having a stockpile of about 40 days worth of food and coal, the foresight of an airlift did not seem to be in the U.S’s playbook. In addition, the U.S had yet to consider any sort of policy regarding the possibilities of staying in
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