What Is The Cause Of The Civil Rights Movement?

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Beginning in the 19th century the civil rights movement was a huge movement to fight for African American or minority equality. Staring in the 1941 Philip Randolph demanded President Franklin D. Roosevelt to end racial discrimination in the work environment and segregation in schools and armed forces. He used a threat saying he would organized an all black march in D.C if he did not acted. Roosevelt had the Fair Employment Practices Committee work on it, although that did achieve much. As a sight of War from World War I, the big change with World War II is that African Americans were allowed to fighter in the war. While severing war though they noticed a huge difference between the racial relations around the globe compared to the States. They noticed that other races were much more excepted around other countries than they were back home. Therefore when they returned back home, the soldiers demand action on making equality between the races. Although with the end of the War, came liberal change with the Cold War, and President Truman. Cold War, the political, military, cultural,…show more content…
The conclusion of this cause is that segregation within school preferably public was a violation not only of the 14th amendment in the constitution but also the Equal Protection clause. Therefore help the civil right movement take off, because segregation was no longer allowed with in public school building so why not ban segregation completely. This is one of the main events the helped trigger the civil rights movements protest in the 60s. For instance the Montgomery movement including Rosa Parks and E.D Nixon both member of the NAACP, who fought to stop segregation on business and business in Montgomery. Soon after the Montgomery movement Martin Luther King Jr. helped take a stand against racism by creating the Southern Christian Leadership Program, and also another civil rights act come into
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