What Is The Cause Of The Hindenburg Disaster

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Hindenburg the end of the speedy luxury airlines. In 1937 as a Hindenburg’s passenger you could fly from Europe to America in half the time it would take by ship. Not only that as a passenger you would be able traveled in luxurious interiors that would never again be seen in the air again, because of the 7 million cubic feet of hydrogen gas that ignited destroying not just the Hindenburg but also the use of blimps. [Design of the Hindenburg] The basic design of the Hindenburg was conventional, and based on time-tested technology used by chief designer Ludwig Dürr and the Zeppelin Company for decades. The ship was built with triangular duralumin girders (bright blue from protective lacquer) forming 15 main rings, connecting 36 longitudinal girders, with a triangular keel at the bottom of the hull, an axial corridor at the…show more content…
The spark was most likely caused by an electrically charged atmosphere. The cause of the hydrogen leak is a sort of a mystery, but we know the ship experienced a significant leakage of hydrogen in the past before the disaster so it was probably not repaired correctly and returned because no evidence of sabotage was found, and no convincing theory of sabotaged has ever been proven. The simple truth is that Hindenburg was destroyed in 32 seconds because it was inflated with hydrogen. [The aftermath] Hindenburg left the town of Frankfurt with 97 people onboard of which 62 survived the crash at Lakehurst many of which suffered serious injuries. Thirteen of the 36 passengers, and 22 of the 61 crew, died because of the crash, along with a member of the civilian landing party. And the decision on who lived was a matter of luck as to where you were at in the ship, if you were deeper in it like in the sleeping quarters or the smoking lounge they did not
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