What Is The Change In 80's Dance

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Do we really know how long dance has been around? Dance has been here longer than we can even imagine. To be exact dance came along 600 BC ago and it’s still improving more and more every day. Dance made many changes in between the times of 0-1000. In the 40’s a dance was called Salome Dance, named after King Herod Philip's daughter. This was called belly dancing, where the women veils.
What was dance like in the time period of 1000- 1800? Dancing began in the 1100’s the most common was the Sarabande dance. In the 1400’s a Roman dance known as the May Pole dance was done at the feast of Flora. The Torch dance in 1463 was a dance similar to the sword dance. This was a German dance done only on the first Sunday in lent. Ballet had been a great dance known but in 1448 the first actual ballet was known. It is only done by women in great occasions at European courts; and in 1489 ballet was publicly known. In the 1500’s the first music was printed.In 1576 the very first “Dance Theater” opens in London. In 1661 the academy of Royale de Danse was established by Louis XIV. La Fontaine was the first women to be able to dance ballet professionally. In the late 17th century piano forte was invented, a school of dance was founded by Paris Opera, and another dance was also known. The Allemande dance is a complicated dance of
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The highlight of Bollywood movies are the dances and original music. The dancing in Bollywood were based on classical dance or Folk dance from different parts of India. In the late 50's & 60's choreographers started using more dancers, with help from folk dances. Then came the era of color films, and by then Indian Cinema had great dancers. Their outstanding energy and performance caught the audience's attention and took dance to the next level. Bollywood Dance began to change in the 70s, the Cabaret style of dance ended up being mainstream and was in many
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