What Is The Characteristics Of The Victorian Period?

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Literature was mostly influenced during the victorian period. The victorian literature is written in the the Victorian era where Queen Victoria, who is the longest queen, rained 63 years and seven months. This era characterizes because of the changes and we can say was an era transitioning from one point of view to a new and completely different one. We can see how the literature reflects the contemporary life at that time and how it entertained the middle class. The victorian era overlaps with Britain's industrial revolution, this means mayor changes where happening. Improvements in technology, and changes in world views are two types of the mayor changes which happened in this era. This changes may seem simple but technology improvement offered new and
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The population grew and mayor part of the people started distancing from church. The era before the Victorian period was the georgian and romantic period, this periods focused on vivid language, all the past and nature and also, it prefers the mediaval rather than classical. Characteristics of the victorian and the romantic era may seem similar because they where inspired by the art before them and the art during the time they where writing. Some of the authors influenced by this period are a Charles Dickens, George Eliot and Anne Bronte.
Little dorrit is one of many novels written by Charles Dickens in this period which was influenced by the victorian period. To begin with, the novels plot is about a man named Artur Clennam who's dad is dead and he comes back from China tonhis mother Mrs.Clennam. Arthur has a suspicion that Clenman & co, which was the family's business, did something terrible and tries by all means to find out what this was. In this novel there are numerous characters, whose paths cross sooner or later. In fact, at the beginning it can be confusing to

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