What Is The Community In The Giver

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What would you do if you didn’t have any choices? To never feel what it is like to love, or to have freedom? In The Giver a boy named Jonas lives in a futuristic community, and faces this everyday. But living in his community was never that bad until… at the ceremony of Twelves, he gets his assignment as the new Receiver and his life changes drastically. He meets this man who he calls the Giver transmits memories--of things that have been and happened in the past-- to Jonas, learning extraordinary things he would have never dreamed of, but also very frightening things, especially about his community. Some things that may have made The Giver community more positive is being less controlling, having choices, and love.

First, being less controlling would have made the giver community more positive. An example is “What’s the matter? Asher asked uneasily. Is something wrong? He moves away from Jonas’s hands. It was extremely rude for one citizen to touch another out of family units” This is one of many rules, these rules made a small gesture into something that may offend someone else. If the Giver community was less controlling people in the community might not be so sensitive to a simple
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An example is “Two children--one male, one female--to each family unit. It was written very clearly in the rules” In the giver community the rules say that there is only allowed to be 2 children in a family unit” The people in the community should be able to choose how many children they would like to have. The people in the community can’t even have their own biological children! Another example is “You’ll be able to apply for a spouse, Jonas, if you want to”The people in the giver can’t pick their own spouse, they have to apply for a spouse. How would you feel if you couldn’t pick who you were married to? That is why being less controlling would have made the giver community
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