What Is The Competency Of Quantity Surveyors

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This chapter are divided into several sub-topics to give an understanding relating to the topic of the study. The sub-topics are focussing on the topic of competency of Quantity Surveyors such as; the definition, area of competency, the importance and the improvement. The related topics on Quantity Surveyors also are reviewed such as the roles and the challenges faced by Quantity Surveyors nowadays. Through this chapter, the reviews are elaborated by using reliable sources such as books, journals and website. In overall, this chapter gives an overview about the competency in the Quantity Surveyors and its scope within.
2.2 Quantity Surveyors
There are various professionals involved in the construction industry such as the design team, the builders and others. Quantity Surveyor is one of the professionals that contribute in the construction project. Based on Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) documentation (2014), Quantity Surveying is a client led profession where the Quantity Surveyors act on what client needs and they must use own skill development depending on the owners’ requirements.
In the different countries, Quantity
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The roles of the Quantity Surveyor either for the clients or the contractors will be discussed on the next sub-topic. Generally, Quantity Surveyor is the professional expert in ensuring the budget or financial management or the needs of the client to be achieved based on what they planned in the early stage until the completion of the project. The Figure 2.1 below shows the typical construction model of organisation in the project. The profession of quantity surveying cannot be avoided to be involved with other professions such as architect and engineers. In order to meet the expectations, the Quantity Surveyors need to use the various knowledges and skills in doing their
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