What Is The Conflict In The Crucible

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Gene was truly jealous of Finny and how good he is at sports. Gene is competing with him and decides to make him fall down the tree, which is social injustice. Like the war countries are fighting to see which one stands tall. During World War 2 there were millions of deaths and casualties. Wars usually start with some type of spark and that spark was Imperialism and Nationalism. One country is fighting for power over the other country, trying to conquer it. Gene is fighting his own war against himself and Finny trying to see who is better. Gene wants Finny to lose his power just as Germany wants Czechoslovakia to give up some of it territory as Czechoslovakia refuses. To stop this cycle from continuing we must rectify the injustice around…show more content…
Gene is competing with Finny, and Finny being injured and away from Finny so long helped stop this conflict. Competition between friends is not good for the benefit of friends, it is certainly toxic. Gene was truthful in saying, “I jounced the limb. I did it.”(70) Gene felt the Guilt, and decided that he should justify the accident he caused, however Finny does not believe he would do something such as this. Gene can not convince Phineas because he has trust with Gene. Normally telling the truth helps someone understand your mistake and they will forgive you, but in this situation Finny does not understand being so close to Gene. Lying to someone brings more injustice, and if the person finds out of your lies later social conflict will arise. As said doubtfully by Gene, “ None of us was allowed in the infirmary for the next day's.”(61) The social conflict stops because of the distant region between the friends now, which is showing how when two or more people have borders between them the situation before could have been forgotten and let go. Setting boundaries gives people time to think, and Gene feels the fear in pain of what he had caused. Gene wants to make things right because of the fear he has of…show more content…
Gene seems invulnerable when Brinker says, “...The truth hurts, eh.”(88) This quote shows how if Gene rectifies his own injustice Finny will be hurt, and will trust Gene no longer. The truth is something said by heart, however it can hurt someone internal. The truth even hurts Gene himself in this situation. In daily life many people keep their personal belongings to themselves. This can be represented as a secret, or the truth, Sharing it sometimes can result in social conflict, or fear of someone or something. In my opinion as well as many others, people say that the truth should be said even though when the event occurs that someone asks about something, telling that person the truth can result in consequences or mistrust. Looking at another point of anger, usually wars start with something that angers a country. For example, when the United States of America tried to stop Germany in World War 1 Germany fought harder and this resulted in over 100,000 American casualties. Stopping someone from their actions sometimes results in conflict between that person, and the person who said that. There are boundaries between people that should not be
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