What Is The Conflict In The Giver

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Without feeling, life is perfect. This could possibly be one of the biggest lies ever said as human nature is surrounded by feeling. So how would it make sense for a community to throw it away? This idea is explored in Lois Lowry’s book The Giver as it takes place in the future and relies on the conflict created by the lack of and the presence of feelings to drive the story forward and develop character. The conflict in the story is plentiful and meaningful carefully used by Lois to explain background and advance the plot. Through person versus person, person versus nature, person versus society and person versus self the story begins and ends. One of the more evident conflicts and more powerful is that of person versus self. Jonas, the main character, is fearful of his future and what his worth is. He can’t…show more content…
The biggest form of this conflict is war. War is the second reason for Sameness and why it came to be. “Overwhelmed by pain, he lay there in fearsome stench for hours, listened to the men and animals doe, and learned what warfare meant” (120). War and it's memories of pain are why Sameness was made and even The Giver who is skilled in reliving the memories is overwhelmed by it sometimes. Murder is another facet and one that still actively occurs in the community. It is a cousin of war that coexists with it creating tragedies and invoking pain. “When a person is ‘released’ they are killed” (Sciftw). Many are killed through release all the time without remorse by the community. Finally and simply, there is just being rude. Rudeness the smallest but still significant form of conflict. “Asher looked warily at him. ‘ I apologize for not paying you the respect you deserve,’ he mumbled” (134). It is a facet of their society that is frowned upon and can lead to death for repeat offenders. The conflict between man brought forth their society of
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