What Is The Conflict In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, depicts the life of the notorious Jay Gatsby as told by Nick Carraway. Gatsby spends his entire post-war life dreaming about Daisy Buchanan. She is everything Gatsby could ever want so to try and attract her he throws lavish parties. The problem is that Daisy is married to Tom, a wealthy retired athlete, and has moved on with her life in the years Gatsby was away. Gatsby is so consumed with the dream of Daisy and their life together that he creates an impossible standard for real world Daisy. Gatsby fantasies about the Daisy he once knew years ago and expects her to be exactly the same as she once was. The issue is that Daisy has changed, the chose money and stability over love and now cannot…show more content…
Gatsby dedicates his entire life to Daisy. Without hesitation he devotes his own self towards her. When Gatsby realizes Daisy wanted money he immediately made as much as he could and flaunted his wealth to attract her attention. All of his actions are executed specifically for Daisy, and after all of that dedication Gatsby expects for Daisy to recuperate this unyielding love. The issue is that Daisy is married, she is not the perfect person Gatsby has imagined her to be, she has faults and over the years she’s changed. Gatsby is baffled at Daisy’s inability to “understand,” he wants her to be the same girl she was five years ago, and cannot comprehend that Daisy has changed (109). Nick persuades Gatsby “not to ask too much of her,” Gatsby disregards this claiming that she can always become who she once was (110). Gatsby choses to ignore the real world for the romantic fantasy he has of Daisy and in the end this drives her away. This internal conflict drives Gatsby throughout his life, and after five years of devotion towards Daisy he creates an unrealistic, romantic world he expects Daisy to fit in. The issue is that she is no longer the girl she once was, and now Gatsby must learn how to battle the internal conflict between his dream of Daisy and her
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