What Is The Context For Risk Management?

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What is the context for risk management in IANZ?
IANZ’s risk management context divided into two parts “Organisational and Strategic”. This assessment will describe few points of these parts, which are related to IANZ’s background, nature and environment of this institution.


1) What is the Mission of IANZ?
Mission of IANZ is to help prepare excellent and outstanding students, scholars and graduates in the field of business marketing and English language. For that they commit to make their teaching and education standard advanced, that’s good for their students future. IANZ insure that their students reach highest potential for adopt challenges and changes in their further study or life. IANZ is passionate about their student’s further study and also support those students who want to make it (A few words about us, 2014).

2) What are IANZ’s core values?
Respect and commitment: - IANZ’s commit to provide their students better quality of education than other institutes. IANZ provide separate tutor to all level batches to make that happen. IANZ also respect the contribution of their staff as well as students which helps them to be succeed as good education provides in NZ.
Personal and Social Responsibilities: - IANZ’s big responsibility is to make sure that they are providing their students that environment where they can study without any disturbance. Because students came from different countries and religions, so it’s their responsibility…
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