What Is The Correlation Between Obesity And Poverty

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“Obesity and Poverty: The Correlation”

Obesity is a classified disorder that occurs in the body when someone overeats which results to an immoderate body weight. This happens to be the central cause of death in America according to CDC (Center of Disease Control and Prevention). States with low income, who live in poverty often are dealing with obesity due to either food insecurity, or their area being a food dessert this often deals with the state’s location, money (income), and the society’s attitude towards food. There is a link between poverty and obesity because usually when living in poverty the area does not have lots of fresh foods, so the people there turn to the unhealthy foods because they are more affordable in their region.
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A food desert is an area with low income that is mostly filled with unhealthy foods that can be found in fast food restaurants and local convenience stores. Since the area is already penurious or poverty stricken it causes healthy foods with the nutrients that the human body needs to be unavailable. People tend buy the foods that they can afford, which is usually the lower priced unhealthy foods. The foods they eat can be the source of being overweight which can lead to obesity or other health related diseases. It is stated in “Food deserts, Hunger, and Obesity” by Asha Brundage--Moore that in low income states they are not much grocery stores. This is what causes more of a correlation between poverty and obesity, the location plays a major role in the two. Food deserts can associate obesity with poverty due to the location’s
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