What Is The Criticism Of Fairy Tales

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2. Literature review
2.1 Introduction
In modern literary criticism, fairy tales are not only considered as the stories for children to learn morality or to explore the world of fantasy, but also a type of serious literary text open to be interpreted from different perspectives. Among all modern literary criticism, spatial theories lead critics to understand the relationships among nature, individuals and society through a multi-dimensional perspective. Therefore, to conduct a spatial analysis of Oscar Wilde’s fairy tales, this section will first introduce an overview of Oscar Wilde and his works except for fairy tales, and previous studies on his fairy tales from different literary perspectives, such as psychoanalysis, gender analysis and ascetic analysis. Second, this section will introduce previous studies on spatial theories employed in this thesis.
2.2 Previous studies on Oscar Wilde and his fairy tales
2.2.1 An overview of Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde, whose full name is Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde, is deemed as one of the
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Linguistic scholars tend to conduct functional and pragmatic studies to interpret Wilde’s fairy tales. They find that the characters and story plot can be revealed through transitivity processes, the mood and modality system and the thematic structure. Also, there are scholars employing cooperative principle to analyze the dialogues in Wilde’s stories and find that “the distribution of the turns and turn-taking strategies” can be used to explain Wilde’s characterization processes (Cai, 2012, p. 79). In addition, linguists also analyze the diction in Wilde’s stories based on corpus. For example, a scholar studies Wilde’s nine fairy tales by analyzing the type, degree and metaphors of the color-words written by Wilde, and conclude how the color-related words contribute to the aestheticism of Wilde’s fairy tales (Xu, 2009, p.
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