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H80555487 In the movie "Cube" we watch a group of six characters meet and try to escape the prison-like box that is the cube. Along the way, they must fight to survive deadly traps using limited resources to escape. They have no food, water, or tools. They can only use their unique personal ability to solve the problems. The characters have no rules to guide them in escaping and there is no one to enforce any type of rules because each character has an equality of strength. This leads the viewer to conclude that there is a state of nature and a state of war amongst the characters. Thomas Hobbes describes a state of nature as when there is no government to enforce rules. A state of war is when it is more logical for a person to attack first…show more content…
The seventh condition that must be met is there must be diffidence. Diffidence is the fear of being attacked and knowing that the safest option for you is to attack first. Diffidence is shown when Worth fears that Quentin will attack him, Leaven, and Kazan first. Worth knows the safest option would be for him to attack first before Quentin does. The eight condition of a glory seeker is met by Quentin. Quentin is an aggressive character that has no regard for the safety of others. He only cares about his survival and does not care what others think of him. If he cared what people thought of him he would not have made so many people mad and would have survived in the end. The final condition that is met in the movie is trickery. Quentin uses trickery to kill Holloway. He tricks Holloway to climb out the window and then when he has the chance to rescue her from falling out of the cube he drops her. Worth also uses trickery to kill Quentin but the first attempt of killing him with the sound activated spikes did not work. He survived this trick but died when they tricked him to exit one room and enter another. He did not change rooms fast enough and the cubes moved and crushed

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