What Is The Difference Between Adulthood And Adulthood

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2 September 2017 Childhood vs. Adulthood As human beings, we go through different stages in our lives, and childhood and adulthood are two important stages that we need to focus on. These two components are partically different but can be similar in different aspects. Based upon dependency levels, responsibilities, and health changes, I believe that some people prefer adulthood over childhood. As we start in developing in life, we depend on someone, as we get older we must become independent to make a living out for yourself. In our Childhood, every child is dependent on someone all the time for everything. If we start
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Meanwhile, as we go into Adulthood, Adults can generally choose things like where they want to live, what they want to eat, what job they will do, etc. In adulthood, it consists of changes in lifestyles and relationships. Furthermore, while being an adult there is life changes, such as leaving home, finding a long‐term romantic relationship, beginning a career, and starting a family. Many young adults first leave home to attend college or to take a job in another city, and that’s where their independence starts. Also, Adults have attained at least some level of attitudinal, emotional, and physical independence. Everyone in the world have responsibilities, it could be either a child or an adult, but we all have things must take care of. For children in their childhood, children do not have many responsibilities, they have school to go to, clean their room, do dishes or take out the trash, but children are being taken care of by their parents. Children in their childhood need to have responsibilities at an early age. Even in their Childhood, responsibility is something that can be taught to a child by implanting small changes into their routine, and I believe that
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