What Is The Difference Between Canada Ireland And New Zealand

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Canada, Ireland, The United States, Australia and New Zealand are
So, important countries that most of us do not know a lot about and it is so, important to know if these countries were strong as it is now from the beginning of its history we will first, talk about Canada.
Canada was discovered in 1534 by Jacques Cartier, when he
And his European friend first reached Canada they found it occupied people called Inuit and Metis they were Indians so, they though that they had reached the West Indies. These Native people of Canada spoke two main languages Algonquin and Iroquoian; they are greatly distinct language groups however, these two languages were separated only by Saint Lawrence River. These Canadians followed lots of religion the most influence ones were Native Spirituality, Sikh, Zoroastrian, and Christians.
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In 1971. The British government though of a solution that could solve this problem, the solution was splitting Canada into two parts Upper and Lower Canada. Upper Canada was for the English Protestant and the Lower Canada was for the French Catholic. A member of the British parliament called Durham was given order to investigate the problems caused by splitting Canada. In 1839 Durham sent the report arguing two major points
First, Upper and Lower Canada should be reunited, British immigration should be encouraged.
Second, Canada should be given the right to rule itself and still be a part of the British Empire to protect its interest against the United
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