What Is The Difference Between General Fixington And Concord

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Lexington/Concord • Massachusetts bay • April 19, 1775. • Colonel smith was the British and Paul Revere and William Dawes were the other side. • The Americans won • It kicked of the revelation. a. Fort Ticonderoga Vermont • May 10, 177 • Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold of Massachusetts and Garrison of the British. • British won • it was a moral boost Battle of Long Island • Brooklyn • August27, 1776 • General Washington and Charles Cornwallis • The British • The British had 20,000 troops and the Americans had around 10,000. Battle of White Plains • New York and New Jersey • October 28, 1776 • Gorge Washington, William Howe, and Wilhelm von Knyphausen. • The British won • General Washington was forced to retreat from a fight.
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