What Is The Difference Between Germany And The United States

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In doing this research, we are comparing three of the most industrialized countries: Canada, Germany, and The United States. The first part will give a brief, but detailed description of the healthcare systems, while the second part will compare and analyze the three countries that are listed above. What changes have taken place and other future reforms for the two? Although the three do not agree much, the one thing they do agree on does not want one another healthcare systems. Majority of Americans do not know too much about Canada or Germany system and likewise for the Canadians and Germans.
The current origins of the Canadian healthcare system, the Canada Health Act, when provinces introduced compulsory health insurance,
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For Canadians private health insurance is illegal for any covered services. Majority of Canadians have supplemental private insurance for services that are uncovered, such as prescription drugs and dental services. All physicians must participate and each health plan effectively serves all residents in the province (Henderson). The main feature of this plan was the creation of the regional system of hospitals: local hospitals for primary care, district hospitals for more complex cases, and base hospitals for the most difficult cases. In 1956, the federal parliament enacted the Hospital and Diagnostic Services Act laying the groundwork for a nationwide system of hospital insurance. By 1961, all ten provinces and the two territories had hospital insurance plans of their own with the federal government paying one-half of the costs. Canadians ration by need, the U.S. ration by price and will continue to do so as implemented. Despite large groups being uninsured or with little insurance, the United States is still growing rapidly.
United States Due to high premiums and pre-existing conditions, many people are denied insurance. The United States does not deal on a single payer system of health insurance. Health insurance must be purchased or provided by the government to certain groups. Health insurance covers about 84% of the United States. Due to cost savings, majority of
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