What Is The Difference Between Ideology And Architecture

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As the primary objective of the architect’s job is to provide shelter and spatial needs of people which cater to all groups of people in society by managing and creative organization of materials, dealing with mass, space, form, texture, light, shadow, structure and volume, also the pragmatic elements such as dealing with contractor, client, authorities, cost, construction limitation and technology. All of former said things in the end to achieve a functional, economical, pragmatic building with artistic and aesthetic aspects which distinguishes architecture from engineering buildings.
Architecture is what I think is not just building buildings. We build because there is a need to build for the people and because we have built we dwell in there. Also there
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• It is a pragmatic approach of looking and analyzing various things in life.

Difference between Ideology and Philosophy
• Philosophy refers to a pragmatic approach of looking and analyzing life. Ideology refers to a set of beliefs and rules belonging to a particular group or set of people (Kumar, 2011).
• Philosophy aims at understand the world as it exists whereas ideology is born out of a vision for the future and aims at changing the current state to that particular vision (Kumar, 2011).
• Philosophy is objective whereas ideology is dogmatic and refuses to participate in any discussion that does not agree with that ideology (Kumar, 2011).
• Philosophy does not have as much impact as an ideology would have on the world, for ideology aims at spreading the beliefs and imposing them on the rest of the society irrespective of its relevance (Kumar, 2011).
• All ideologies have some underlying philosophy but it is not vice versa (Kumar, 2011).

Ideology, Philosophy in Architectural
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