What Is The Difference Between Plessy Vs. Ferguson And Brown V. Bored Of Education

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Alyssa Olszewski
Mrs. Holt
7 October 2017
Segregation in the U.S
Segregation is the enforced separation of different racial groups in a country, community, or establishment. During segregation people of different races had to ride in different rail cars and attended separate schools. In two cases, Plessy V. Ferguson and Brown V. Bored of Education, the Fourteenth Amendment was argued. The outcome of these two court cases effected African Americans and their fight against segregation. These two court case are similar in their fight for a cause because they challenged the meaning of the same law, but different in their outcome.

The precedent “separate but equal” comes from the case Plessy v. Ferguson. This case had a big effect on
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” Cited in “Key Excerpts from the Dissenting Opinion” landmarkcases.org. The court had also stated that the fourteenth amendment dealt with legal equality not social equality. These statements are talking about how no rights were taken away from the Separate Cars Act so the act of segregation was legal. Judge Harlan wrote the minority 's opinion stating “But it is difficult to reconcile that boast with the state of the law which, practically, puts the brand of servitude and degradation upon a large class of our fellow citizens, our equals before the law. Judge Harlan had also stated “The thin disguise of "equal" accommodations for passengers in railroad coaches will not mislead anyone, nor atone for the wrong this day done....” “Judge Harlan 's dissent” chnm.gmu.edu this statement is talking about how the state of Louisiana was making the Separate Cars Act seem equal when really the act was degrading to African Americans. The case of Brown V. Bored of Education caused a big change in America’s society and how it functions today. In the 1950s public schools were segregated by race; there were schools for all-whites and schools for all-blacks. In Topeka, Kansas, Linda Brown and her sister had to walk through a dangerous railroad switchyard just so they could get to their bus stop for school. However, closer to their house was an

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