What Is The Difference Between Romeo And Juliet

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"How can your love be these dangerous things, and not bring me down, instead, giving me wings." -Tony Watson. Most people (especially teenagers) think that love is the most powerful thing on earth, and it is true; but what they don’t see, is that teens tend to have different way of thinking and point of view of life, which means that their definition of “normal” is way different from the adults definition, therefore, they tend to do things that adult people usually call “dumb” or even dangerous. Love is a new thing for teenagers, and a lot of times, since they cannot recognize it, sometimes they get tricked by pretty words and faces and then "fall in love"; what they can't see, is that they might be doing the worse mistake of their lives.…show more content…
The reason is simple: We see it through a screen/paper so we have a third point of view, this means that we can only see it clearly if WE live it. Modern teenagers don't mostly do it that way, instead of killing themselves, they do worse thing at the eyes of society; instead of doing things that affect them physically, they do things that hurt them mentally; action like embarrassing themselves publicly; sending the famous “nude” pictures, have become pretty usual these days, and it’s very easy for someone to “ruin” your whole life with them. In Romeo And Juliet, it is very clear that the author wanted us to notice this point; in the play, we can easily notice this when Romeo finds out that Juliet was "dead", and he goes, buys and drinks the poison that kills him. “Research has found that peer pressure activates certain brain signals that are linked to the powerful drug-like interplay of risk and reward. And a captive audience is the quickest way to bolster the brain's reward system.” (Firger, 2014). This can explain some of the reasons of why he did it. So when it comes to explain, why do all these actions happen? The answer is very simple; they do not know how to deal with their emotions; so, instead of thinking how to deal with them, they just do stupid things, trying to get all the attention and hoping that someone is going to ever know what they are going through and help
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