What Is The Difference Between Sequence Of Development And Rate

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The difference between sequence of development and rate of development is that a sequence of development is the order in which the development of a child will occur. The rate of development is in which speed/ time this development would happen. Child development experts have carried out a lot of research on young children to work out what most children can do at different ages and the rate at which they grow. From this research, milestones have been identified. A ‘milestone of development’ refers to the age at which most children should have reached a certain stage of development. We think about stages and sequences of development in stages:
 Infancy from birth to one year
 Early years from one to three years
 Childhood from four to seven
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 Fear of the dark still remains and they may have a fear of moving objects and fear of being abandoned by their parents
Four years
 Enjoys jokes and silly games and loves showing off
 Play is still very important
 Can still demonstrate stubbornness, aggression, kicking, biting and blaming others for their naughtiness especially older siblings
 A sense of future/past developing
 Fear of the dark continues
 Need parent for support and reassurance
 May compete with parent of the same sex for attention of parent of the opposite sex
Five years
 Becoming more independent and can be serious and realistic at times
 Demonstrates anger by slamming doors and stamping of feet and verbally by saying ‘ I hate you’
 Friendly and talkative to strangers
 Protective and kind towards parents, younger child or pets
 Becoming less frustrated and less angry
 May worry that something might happen to a parent while the child is not there and parents will not be available to them when needed
Seventh Birthday
By their seventh birthday children can:
 Throw, kick and control a ball, hop and ride a bicycle
 Tell jokes and enjoy conversations
 Be frightened by fictitious things like ghosts
 Dress themselves easily
 Start to understand
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