What Is The Difference Between The Interlopers And The Story Of An Hour

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"The Interlopers" an "The story of an hour" are both very eventful short stories. The characters and setting of both stories have big life changing decisions. There is a lot of differences but there is also a lost of similarities.

In "The Interlopers" Georg Znaeym and Ulrich Von Gradwitz have a family feud over land. One night both men aredetermined to claim the land as their own. Both are caught in a bad situation and a tree falls on them. Ulrich said "Lying here tonight, thinking, Ive come to think weve been rather fools; there are better things to do in life than getting the better of the boundry dispute." They bothe agreed toend the feud.

In "The Story of an Hour" the main character, Mrs. Mallard's husband died.
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