What Is The Difference Between The Triangle And The Subservient

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the triangle and the subservient needs work their way up based on rank of significance. According to his model, the most fundamental needs are physiological and are met through parents, relatives, or government. The second level of needs is safety, then is belonging, the fourth is esteem and, finally, self-actualization. Having met the most basic needs, a person can then proceed into fulfilling the next level of needs and so on. Until having completely satisfied all their needs and reaching self-actualization and obtaining emotional well-being. A person is then able to reciprocate healthy social and emotional behaviors. These attributes are consistent with the skills that are required to quickly form healthy, professional and romantic relationships,…show more content…
This also encourages a person to become a positive influence in and around the community. The highest ranking need that sports fulfill, is safety. This level of needs involves a constant feeling of protection through security, law, order, stability, and structure. Every league and association, major and local, has a strict set of rules that must be followed to keep players
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