What Is The Difference Between Vincent Van Gogh And Don Mclean

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Vincent van Gogh and Don McLean In our Art Appreciation class at RSU, during the fall semester, we watched a presentation on two artists. The artists were Vincent van Gogh and Don McLean. Our professor found the video on YouTube. The song “Vincent” by McLean played in the background, while a slideshow of van Gogh’s most famous works appeared on the screen. The song beautifully describes van Gogh’s life and work in a melancholy way. Because of the way the video was put together, it was almost like two artists talking to each other, though many years apart. McLean’s song is a letter to a long-dead troubled soul. He wrote the song to argue that van Gogh was not a madman, just a man who had been broken. I loved the way he worded his phrases.
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