What Is The Difference Between Zoo And Zoo

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Zoos and National parks (Wild Sanctuaries) are hugely popular attractions for adults and children alike, but are they actually good? How do you tell the difference when everyone uses the same words?

National parks or wild sanctuaries are large areas of crowd land set aside for native plants, animals and the places in which they live. National parks protect places of natural beauty. National park is home to many endemic kinds.

National parks are actually protected areas. IUCN definition of a protected area: “A clearly defined geographical space, recognized, dedicated and managed, through legal or other effective means, to achieve the long-term conservation of nature with associated ecosystem services and cultural values”.

Zoos have the potential
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The controversy over sanctuaries often comes down to how much the animals are used to draw in paying visitors (including volunteers). Reputable organizations will have a minimal or no-contact approach to their wildlife unless the animal is never going to be released. The main aim of sanctuaries is to rescue, rehabilitate and release as many animals as possible, so those which maintain a hands-off approach are usually ones which are keeping these principles in mind. A lion cub which has been kept in a fence and touched by hundreds of humans can almost never be released back into the wildlife.
Is there evidence of breeding?
Breeding wild animals in captivity adds to the problem of unwanted animals, which sanctuaries were created to solve. The main problem with facilities which allow visitors to collaborate and connect with cubs and other larger animals, is that they need to breed or buy a constant supply to keep visitors coming. And what happens to these cute cubs as they grow up and become too large and unpredictable to interact with tourists? Often old species are sold to private hunting ranches all over the world, where their habituation to humans makes shooting them much easier.

Are zoos good for
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