What Is The Difference In Translation Of Be-Re'shit '?

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The difference in translations of “be-re’shit” is significant because it changes “the nature of God” (Sarna, 5). The phrase, “When God began to create”, does not allude to a time period. We do not know if God just came into being or if He always existed. This statement does not express God’s magnificence. It also groups Him with other deities by confining the magnitude of His power within limits. However, the translation of “be-re’shit” into the traditional English version “In/At the beginning”, shows God as being limitless (Speiser, 12). “For the first time in the religious history of the Near East, God is conceived as being entirely free of temporal and spatial dimensions” (Sarna, 5). In other words, God is outside of space and time. He
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