What Is The Differences Between The Monarchy, Aristocracy, Tyrany, Oligarchy And Democracy

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In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting monarchy, aristocracy, tyranny, oligarchy, and democracy in Ancient Greece.


There are two types of monarchy one is a constitutional monarchy and the other is absolute monarchy. Absolute monarchs are really all powerful, they are able to pass laws and veto any law passed or suggested by politicians, a constitutional monarch has less power and is really only a figurehead as a head of state.

In Ancient Greece there were not really a lot of monarchies, there was of course Sparta with its unique two King system. The two Kings come from the direct descendants of the founders of Sparta, they weren’t really absolute monarchs because they had the ephors stopping them from taking too many decisions that could be harmful to the state (Cartwright, 2013). There were other monarchies in the times of Ancient Greece, most notably Macedonia, that went on to conquer Greece in 336 BCE (Brand, n.d. ,p36).


This was the rule of a few elite people. They were always the richest people and what we would call today the Lords or Ladies. They were the highest of the upper classes. This would have given them a good chance of perks and probably a good way of becoming wealthier (Mahabal, Joshi, 2017).


A tyranny could be described as a government that would be
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In Ancient Greece there were two specìfic times when Athens was an Oligarchy. In 411 BCE the oligarchy of 400 took power by overthrowing the assembly, it seems they were a little tyrannical in the way they acted, and were overthrown by the oligarchy of 5000, who were more moderate (Cartwright, 2013). In 404 BCE Athens was defeated in Sicily and then there was yet another power change to the oligarchy of the 30 tyrants, this was a bad time for Athens as these people were really cruel summarily executing people (Cartwright,
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