What Is The Diffusion Synchronization Protocol

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• Mini Sync It’s an extension of Tiny-Sync it finds the optimal solution with increas- ing complexity. The idea is to prevent the algorithm being used by some data points has come to give strict limits and only discards a data point if it is certain that this point will be useless.it has larger computational and storage costs, but increased precision. F. Time-Diffusion Synchronization Protocol This protocol proposed by Weilian Su and Ian F. Akyildiz [11] in 2005. In TDP, nodes agree on network-wide equilibrium time and maintain clocks within a small bounded deviation from this time and nodes structure themselves into tree-like configuration with two roles, master nodes and diffused leader nodes. The TDP's Time Diffusion Procedure (TP)…show more content…
Figure 7. TDP System architecture [11]. G. Scalable Lightweight Time Synchronization Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network (SLTP) This protocol propsed by S. Nazemi Gelyan et. al [12] in 2001 and using passive clustering and linear regression. It not only the accuracy of time synchronization in comparison to similar algorithms is improved but also we were able to reduce the consumption of energy in each node by decreasing the number of exchanged messages. By using linear regression SLTP can tolerate the changes in drift under various situations. SLTP is the best fit for the following situations: When the lifetime of the network is very important, when we need a large network to monitor a wide area, or when our application requires medium time accuracy. SLTP works in two phases phase one concern the configuration for static and dynamic network in which determines the node group leader and members, phase two allows timing synchronization network after selecting the group leader and then the network initiates the synchronization. If two nodes in the same cluster, synchronization is done as following: Figure 8. CH1 receives the observation time of the object from CM1 and CM2, (b) CM1 and CM2 are synchronizing their clocks [12]. If two nodes in the same cluster want to exchange information, calculating their own α

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