What Is The Electoral College Essay

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At The Constitutional Convention of 1787, there was a lot of debate over how the President would be elected. Some supported a system of popular votes while most others supported the system we have in place today, the Electoral College. The Electoral College is the best method of electing a President because it allows for the people to be involved in the government while still maintaining that the most educated people possible actually vote for the President. Many American citizens believe that when they vote they are voting for the President, but in reality they are voting for a group of people who then vote for the President. The elected people are decided by the popular vote for each state, but the number of people each state gets to elect is determined by representation in the Senate and House of Representatives. Every state automatically gets two electors (because there is equal…show more content…
It has some room for improvement, like if it would proportionally distribute the electors based on the popular vote per state instead of just one party receiving all of the electoral votes given to that state. However, it has for the most part worked ever since it was created in 1787 and right now there is no real need to change a system that seems to be working just fine. If the Presidential election was based only on popular vote, it would not always accurately represent the population due to so many errors (including voter errors, miscounting, ballot errors, etc.). The Electoral College allows for minor mistakes in voting to not affect what the majority of the people in that state want.
Overall, the Electoral College has provided the United States with a combination of the popular vote and the electoral vote when electing the President. It has provided us with many good elections and does not need to be replaced just for the sake of having change. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix
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