What Is The Electoral College?

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What is the electoral college? For those of us who are just starting out to vote and for the ones that just don’t pay attention to how elections work, which is most of us. You will be surprised to know that you as a voter don’t vote for the President or Vice-President directly. At the polls, voters choose which candidate receives their state’s electors. Then, those electors are the ones that vote directly for President. The electoral college was established in 1787 and has been used ever since. Over the years this system has evolved and for the past 20 years the college has closely mirrored the popular vote. A lot of people use this as a rationale for saying, why keep it? In my opinion that is an argument for “Why get rid of it? Getting into the numbers the electoral college is made up of 538 electors.The candidate who receives a majority of electoral votes (270) wins the Presidency. “538 is the sum of the nation’s 435 Representatives,100 Senators, and 3 electors given to the District of Columbia”.(Jimmy. "What Is The Electoral College”) Electors are often selected to recognize their service and dedication to their political party. How they are elected varies throughout the United States. Generally, “the political parties nominate electors at their State party conventions or by vote of the party’s central committee in each State”.(U.S. Electoral College.” National Archives)An elector is free to vote for which ever party they’d like. For whatever reason if they do not…

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