What Is The Emancipation Proclamation?

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On September 22, 1862, President Lincoln declared the Emancipation Proclamation (Dudley 166). The emancipation proclamation stated that if the rebels still refused to rejoin the union and continued fighting in the civil war by January 1, 1863, the slaves in the rebellious states would be free (Dudley 168). Clement Vallandigham, a Democratic representative from Ohio, believed the emancipation Proclamation is a worthless act (Dudley 168). Mr. Vallandigham spoke his belief in the House of Representatives. He stated “You cannot abolish slavery by the sword; still less by proclamations” (Dudley 168). He expresses that slavery can not be destroyed (Dudley 168). Frederick Douglass, an escaped slave who became a famous abolitionist, firmly believed in Emancipation Proclamation (Dudley 167). Frederick Douglass had said, “Let the black man…show more content…
“The star spangled banner is now the harbinger of liberty and the millions in bondage will rally under that banner” (Dudley 167). This powerful quote was spoken by Frederick Douglas. The meaning behind these words show how millions of African American and white citizens should come together to fight for the Union (Dudley 167) Clement Vallandigham had said “It was good enough for my fathers. It is good enough for us and our children after us” (Dudley 170). He believes since the United states have had slaves for seventy years the United States will continue to have slaves (Dudley 169). “The thought of a country unified in sentiments, objects and ideas, has not entered into their political calculations, and hence this newly declared policy of the Government” Frederick Douglass, the man who spoke those words, understood that as a nation evolves, the culture evolves as well; the two must work conjointly (Dudley 167). What was true seventy years ago would not always be true in order for a country to grow and thrive (Dudley
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