What Is The Epilogue To Fodo's Hobbit

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There once lived a hobbit Frodo Baggins, who lived in a beautiful hobbit hole in the Shire. Frodo was a peaceful hobbit at the time, but not for long…
Many years ago, he helped destroy Mordor, a great and powerful realm with millions of orcs. At that time, Frodo was a ring bearer, and fought through all of Mordor’s challenges, barely making it out alive. His journey was to travel to Mount Doom, and drop the Ring of Power into the mountain’s lava. The ring obtained immense power, and brought turmoil to all of Middle-Earth. The only way to ensure the safety of the people, was to destroy the ring for good. Frodo was successful, and saved all of the living things in the world.
When Frodo arrived back to the Shire, a year later, he was at peace.
Frodo had awakened one morning, and was eager to go to his living room. “Hello Frodo,” Lacqua read “Who in the devil’s name are you,” Frodo said as he was scolding at the mysterious elf. “Well that was a pleasant way to say
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Please forgive me,” Thorin III said admittingly
“Thorin III it’s fine, I almost killed you, but we just need to stop the rest of the Gorge,” Frodo said
So all of them, even Frodo, started to fight. (So now he can fight) While they were fighting the Gorge, a bandit came out of nowhere, and stabbed Thorin III, giving his body mager pans.
“Nooooooo!” Frodo, Snarge, and Lacqua cried, as they had to finish off the rest of the bandits.
After the second round was over, all of them quickly went over to Thorin III, hoping he would still be alive, but he was no more. Later that year, they arrived back to the Shire, Frodo had his body burn, and once it was completed, Thorin III was nothing but ash. So Frodo, an Lacqua had spread his ashes through the mountains, the Ettenmoors and the Shire. Even though Thorin III was not remembered as a hero, he was remembered as the first dwarf to ever apologise to a little hobbit living in a hobbit
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