What Is The False Sense Of Pigs In The Pigs?

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On a beautiful Saturday morning on a Kansas farm,which smelled strongly of manure and hay there was a massive commotion.What was the cause of the commotion you may ask, it was feeding time, the day where all the farm animals got fed corn and vegetables and occasionally decent people food such as pudding and Peter the pig’s favorite bread.Peter was a pig, he was a very bright pig too,all the farm animals thought pigs were greedy,foul smelling and easily manipulated,but of course it was not true.Even though pigs are not as horrendous as the farm animals suspect,the farm animals still think pigs are inferior,for the fact that long ago pigs were the most unfavorable farm animal they did horrendous things, for example, stealing, going to the bathroom on the floor not in buckets and being inconsiderate to the other animals needs and feelings.Due to their misjudgment of pigs thinking they have not changed, pigs are oppressed by the other farm animals due to the farm animal’s false sense of superiority.

Peter the pig was devouring his food and then all of a sudden he needed to go to the bathroom.When Peter came back he discovered that someone or something had stolen a fragment of his meal and the only clue was white feathers.”Outrageous!”hollered Peter, “Who would do such a thing?” and at that moment Drumstick who was a chicken jumped out of a tree “I can’t help to overhear but it seems that you Peter,needs a guard for your food again I will be happy to do it for a low low price
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