What Is The Family And Children's Agency

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Agency Description
The Family and Children’s Agency (FCA) has many locations all over Fairfield County. One local agency office is located at 9 Mott Avenue, Norwalk CT on the fourth floor. The FCA is an non-profit organization that provides child and family development counseling, behavioral health counseling, community connections, foster care, adoption services, and family support. Jennifer McBride is one of the many devoted employees who is a LCSW and works as a Behavioral Health Clinical supervisor. The agency is funded by the Connecticut Department of Public Health as well as donations, client fees, and local fundraising. The most well-known fundraiser is the Minks to Sinks fundraiser held at Wilton High School here in Connecticut.
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One main obstacle for the agency is not being able to provide immediate assistance to those in need. There are so many families in need of FCA’s interventions and help that a waitlist has been instituted with the hope and goal to accommodate everyone over time, unless services are found elsewhere in the meantime. The special needs of their clients are related to affordable or even free counseling and care services based on clients meeting certain criteria of financial and/or legal hardship or circumstance. One common special need the agency sees frequently is that of low income or no income families requiring basic sanitary and personal care products along with essential clothing. Donations for sanitary needs and clothing to the FCA are necessary. Another special need the agency, predominantly addresses is that of behavioral health issues within families. Unfortunately, not all children and families can by served by the FCA. Some do not qualify because they have other insurance or other means to obtain similar service. Some do not get the help when they need because they are on the waiting list for a long time as mentioned above. Still others do not receive the services because they do not know that the FCA exists.

The agency’s process in serving clients begins with the initial intake of the
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