What Is The Federal Republic Of Germany?

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Throughout recent history, the United States is one of the most powerful nations on earth. We are constantly trying to maintain that number one position. To enable us to maintain our status we as a country and as a people must always know our competitors. The Federal Republic of Germany is one of those competitors. The best way we can know our competition is by analyzing the German politics, economy, and military. Germany is a country in northern central Europe. It is one of Europe’s largest countries, with various terrains. Germany has a large urbanized areas along the west, icy coastlines in the north, the world famous Alps in the south, and vast expanses of agriculture and rivers in the east. The capital of this beautiful…show more content…
The Chancellor acts as the head of the German government. The Chancellor proposes the appointments and removal of federal ministers, and sets policy for the federal government. The orders of the President are useless without the Chancellor’s signature, and the Chancellor’s role is closer to the United States President (Constitutional History of Germany, n.d.). The legislature branch has two houses, similar to the United States Congress. Members of the “Bundestag”, or lower house, are elected by the country as a whole and the member serves a four-year term. The “Bundesrat”, or upper house, is comprised of members of the 16 state governments and these members represent the interests of those states. New federal laws are adopted by the Bundestag and are then submitted to the Bundesrat for approval. Laws created by the Bundestag may require Bundesrat consent, if the new laws do not require the consent of the Bundesrat; the house may still veto the law. The Bundestag in these cases can overturn the Bundesrat’s veto. The judicial branch consists of the Federal Constitutional Court and other Federal Courts. The Federal Constitutional Court rules on issues dealing with the German Basic Law, states, and other federal matters. The Federal Constitutional Court has judges elected by the Bundestag and the Bundesrat. The judicial branch also

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