What Is The Five Senses

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Written Assignment Unit 3

Ashley Y. Rose

University of the People

Part I

A) I do believe that there are senses within us, but they are different versions of the five senses. I believe that hunger is an automatic response of the body. I think that hunger is a sensation, and there is a level of perception and awareness attached to it. I, personally, believe that the senses are only related to the 5 senses. Hunger, I would still believe to be categorized as a sense in the same way that the 5 senses receive information.
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It is my opinion that the dominant scientific community does not consider the 6th sense valid yet, because it is currently a hard sense to test as part of the scientific method. I believe that when we are able to detect more data using newer research methods, the 6th sense will gain more acceptance within the dominant scientific community. There will need to be ways to test the environment for different frequencies, and electromagnetic charges, etc. And then the researchers could test the data and the 6th sense of the…show more content…
Many kids also experience a level of negative reinforcement when learning to read, as well. Kids learn that they are rewarded when they do well with their reading, and later on in their studies it becomes more of an automatic response. People become conditioned to expect positive or negative reinforcement for behavior. A good example as an adult, would be a person would expect positive reinforcement for a job well done (getting a raise, etc), and additional forms of punishment for doing poorly. I believe why we continue to follow the norms of operant conditioning is that we are familiar with the concept from childhood, and so it continues

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