What Is The Four P's Marketing Approach

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A Marketing Mix is an ever-evolving practice that covers several activities. Its ultimate purpose is to introduce to and engage consumers with products and services through creating and communicating marketing concepts with the use of various tools, all the while following controllable methods. There are several schools of thought today concerning and ideal marketing mix, only because the direction of marketing methods, tools and initiatives has changed as we have progressed through eras of change in the marketplace, all influenced by supply and demand of goods and services. In this paper, we will compare and contrast two marketing approaches, namely the Four Ps (marketing mix) Approach and the Value Approach. We will also argue that both methods are relevant today, through …show more content…

By changing its approach to marketing, they still depend on the Four Ps but added the value approach, causing them to lead in innovative technology and bring us user-friendly devices such as the Mac, the iPhone, iPad, etc., and a dedicated user base that are brand loyal. Today, we also see that car companies are still working from an outdated marketing approach and it is affecting their profits. I suspect that Amazon Inc uses the Four Ps marketing mix as well as the Value Approach in its marketing in the sense that they did build it (the marketplace), and we did come. Amazon hold products in warehouses for suppliers selling through their platform, it also places, prices and promotes.
One cannot deny that the Four Ps marketing mix is the foundation of all modern marketing methods. As the market has changed, and subsequently the consumer’s wants and needs, the marketing approach has adapted to match these dynamics. Both methods, along with other advances work together for better customer targeting, engagement and marketing

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