What Is The Function Of The Inspector

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What is the dramatic role and function of the inspector ?

In his play ‘An inspector calls’, J.B Priestley uses the inspector to put across his critical views of society, these are inequality between classes, genders and wealth. Priestley also presents the inspector in a godly manner. The inspector is presented mysteriously and he has many role and functions like to make the audience question their own actions, to show the audience what Priestley thinks of society and to teach us about inequality between classes and genders.

At the start of Act one the playwright makes the role of the inspector to drive the narrative and tells the story of what happened. He uses the inspector engage the audience as he reveals the story and he has a dominant stage presence. This is shown in when the inspector enters “he creates an impression of massiveness.” This portrays that the inspector is used to draw the audiences attention to him because the audience question why a impression of dominance has been created. The use of massiveness shows that Priestley uses the character of the inspector to tell the story of the play, to engage the audience and to show that the inspector is the protagonist.

The playwright also uses the role of the inspector to engages the audience is with pauses and stage directions. He acts as he is more important than the birling and his family.This is shown in the use off stage direction “ cutting in with authority.” This shows that it will engage the audience
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