What Is The General Research Question?

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What is the general research question? Based on the research topic, two or three research questions can be developed but according to the article, the general research question is “what impact snapchat has on interpersonal relationship”. 1b) How important do you think this topic is? Justify your response The quantitative research about how snapchat elicits more jealousy than facebook is an important topic. The article shed more light on snapchat usage among social media users and its motivations, which is an understudies area in terms of jealousy and interpersonal relationship compared to facebook which has been in existence for many years with an active users of 1.65 billion as at first quarter of 2016. Another reason why this topic is important is because of the relatively fast risen of snapchat to prominence in the digital world of social social networking sites (SNSs), eventhough it was officially lunch bin September 2011. The so called self-destructing photo-sharing app has gained more users than many existing apps that also serve related purpose. Facebook is still leading the Social networking sites in terms of rating but snap chat has gone mainstream in a big way forcing the facebook owner to offered a whooping sum of 3 billion dollars for full acquisition to the founder and co-founder because of the threat the app posed to both the facebook and other social media networking sites that have been in existence before this photo-sharing app joined the digital world of

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